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We believe that access to affordable and quality primary healthcare should be a basic right for all.

Our Mission

Bringing quality primary healthcare to the doorsteps of those who need it the most. To bring this to life, we have partnered with medical specialists, hospitals, & HMOs who understands our mission and passion.

Our Vision

A world where all Africans have access to quality and affordable primary healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Why Clafiya?

Clafiya (which means community wellness), was started due to our personal experiences seeking primary healthcare in Nigeria and the challenges we faced. It was such a profound experience that we felt we had to approach this problem from a system perspective - prevent, respond, and cover.

Building Clafiya continues to be a remarkable and meaningful journey. We strongly believe that access to fast and affordable primary care is the most basic right for everyone. High medical fees should not impede one’s health or future.

Success for us is when Clafiya is a platform not only used by patients seeking primary healthcare but ubiquitously used to create networks aimed at building primary health resilience at the population level. Our core ethos remains that primary care programs have to adapt to individual health needs, integrate into current care practices and optimize the use of health system resources to improve health outcomes and reduce cost.

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If you would like to reach us, please call us on (+234)0913-427-5854 or send an email through the channel below.

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